CNC cylinderhead for Malossi 210 MHR / Sport TOURING

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Touring-cylinder head for Malossi 210 MHR and Sport CNC milled from billet.
This head is made for engines up to 30HP.

Integrated 1.5mm head gasket. Fits with Malossi 210 MHR and Sport cylinder with 2 piston rings
and a 60mm crankshaft. Perfect for a nice and smooth touring engine with SIP Road / BGM Bigbox oder
exhausts like SIP Performance, PM, RZ...

  • Super efficient cooling with upper and lower fins.
  • Modern combustion chamber design for optimal performance and reliability of your engine.
  • Completely CNC milled from billet.
  • For use with thread spark plugs (we recommend Bosch W3CC).
  • Perfect sealing with o-ring.
  • Designed and manufactured in Germany (like all our products).

    Technical specs:
    Compression ratio Malossi 210 with 60mm crank: 12,2:1 (at squish 1,2mm).

Racing product, not for street use!

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