MRP Reed Valve System "Shorty", short intake surface, 30mm, CNC-Edition with VFORCE4 reed and carb rubber

  • SKU: MRP534
30mm reed valve system for Vespa largeframe engines with the short intake surface. Vespa Largeframe, PX, T5, Sprint, VNB, VBB, Rally, TS, Cosa.
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High performance 30mm reed valve system for RD350 reed.
Fits on all engine cases with the short intake surface (for example all T5 or PX80 cases).

Turnable manifold for adjustable carburettor-position.

Items included in delivery:
- CNC milled aluminium block.
- CNC manifold with 30mm inner diameter.
- All needed screws.
- VFORCE4 reed.
- Carburettor rubber.