Air hose adapter 60mm "DUMBO", Vespa PX, T5, Sprint, Rally, VNB

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Less noise, colder air.

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Less noise from the reed valve or rotary valve intake and colder air for your engine.

This 60mm outer diameter version fits the following carburettors:
- Keihin PWK 33, 35 und 38
- Mikuni TMX 35
- Polini 32 und 34
- Dell Orto PHBH 28 und 30
- Dell Orto VHSH 30

Items delivered:
- Air hose adapter, black powdercoated
- Fitting plates made from aluminium
- Rubber seal for the frame flange
- Flexible air hose with 60mm inner diameter
- All needed screws

Racing product, not legal for street use.

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